Handy Tips on the Road to eCommerce Awards Success

Here’s a few quick hints to help you complete successful entries …


Plan your entries now

The extended entry deadline may seem a long way off, but before you know it, it will be time to submit.  Start thinking about / planning the content of your entries now.  Will you require customer testimonials?  Will you need client approval / senior management sign off?  Are the performance statistics freely available?  All this can take more time than you might think.  Plus of course, once you have submitted your entries, then the pressure is off and you can simply sit back and await the results!


Discuss your entries with your colleagues and teams

They were essential in ensuring you are performing at an elite level, so they know as well as anyone the detail behind what you have achieved and how you achieved it over the last 12 months


Performance statistics are paramount

Try to be as specific about your achievements as you can – positive language and forceful adjectives will help, but it is the detail and performance related statistics that will separate you from the pack


Relate your entries back to your customers

It’s positive customer feedback that drives company success, so use excellent customer feedback to support your entries too


Structure your entries and drill into the detail of your performance

It’s tempting to write down all of your successes in a few action packed, juicy paragraphs, but you may end up with an unclear entry that does not follow the entry criteria.  Try and breakdown each point in the criteria individually – What were you aiming to achieve?  What did you do to achieve it?  How did you do it?  What were your results vs your initial target / plan?  Combine the narrative with supporting statistics and testimonials to offer independent / third party endorsement in support of your successes


Presentation, spelling and grammar are key

Our entry process allows you to take charge of the format / design / structure etc. of your entries.  Build your entries around the criteria provided, but make the submission as clear, succinct, vibrant, exciting and as appealing as is possible.  Read your submissions through carefully and ensure you have included all the information requested.  It is one file per entry, so there is no chance of sending additional / supplementary information later should you have forgotten to include it.  Ensure that your text reads clearly and easily and adheres to the word count stipulated.  And of course, check that there are no spelling mistakes or grammatical errors.  If possible, it’s always a good idea to ask a colleague or friend to read through your entries also, as a fresh pair of eyes and a different perspective can often help you to fine tune your submissions


Be clear and concise

You of course know your company and what you do you do inside out – but this will not always be the case with the judges – ensure you are clear and that you avoid any technical / in-house language, jargon and acronyms


Read through ALL the categories and the accompanying entry criteria before you enter

We have a range of new categories available this year, with a one off fee for up to 4 entries, and a small increase for 5 entries or more – so ensure you enter all the categories that are applicable to you, your teams and your company.  Plus, if relevant, it is great for all your clients to be included too – everybody likes the chance to be a Finalist or a Winner – so ensure you have included entries for all your strongly performing clients – they’ll be very pleased if their company is successful off the back of your hard work!


Supporting material is a must

This is a crucial element to support your entry.  However, remember that the judges have a number of entries to review and of course a limited amount of time to spend on each entry, so ensure you focus on the key elements that you want to get across – so spend some time sourcing the very best pictures, the very best statistics, the very best testimonials – and remember, quality is often much better than quantity! 



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